Cultivating meaningful relationships

with the foods we eat, the dedicated producers & the friends we gather with around the table.



We personally vet each and every ingredient so you can trust that everything in our food is aligned with our values. We only offer foods that are 100% organic or beyond, non-GMO, and free from weird additives, fillers, cheap high PUFA vegetable oils & added flavors.




In our Mission to connect as close to source as possible, we celebrate the diversity of foods being grown right here in Idaho. Whether sourced from our local farms & ranches, wild foraged or grown by us, we honor our local biome first before outsourcing our food.




We infuse our Brazilian heritage into every dish with the vibrant flavors of Bahia. From the bustling markets of Salvador to the fertile lands of the northeast of Brazil, we bring the warmth and boldness of Bahian cuisine to Idaho. Whether you're visiting our farmers market stand or enjoying our dishes at home, experience the warmth and tradition of our Brazilian roots.


Connect with Bardo Values

High Quality Standards

We have a rigorous curation of high-quality, Organic, Non-GMO, Low PUFA products. Nothing we wouldn't eat ourselves.

No Additives or Ingredient shortcuts

No more Greenwashing marketing tactics with hidden vegetable oils, thickening gums and "natural flavors". This is no way to thrive.

Real Food, Real Brands, Real Work

The products we offer to our customers are made in-house or come from brands & businesses we trust and know have honorable, sustainable and regenerative practices.

Unshakable Integrity you can actually trust

We want to live in a world where health, wellbeing and honesty are not compromised for rapid financial growth or power - and we don't see another option than to build that reality ourselves, here and now.

No Membership Fees

Always free to join and shop without additional financial barriers. We believe that real food is a basic human right - and we are here to facilitate that every step of the way.

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